The Sulphur Springs mud baths in Soufriere are reputed to have therapeutic healing qualities for the skin and are popular with locals and visitors.
Many of St.Lucia's finest Restaurants are found in Soufriere. The local and International cuisine has made Soufriere famous for the dishes served.
The calm clear waters of the Caribbean Sea makes Scuba Diving in Soufriere a spectacular adventure. The diversity attracts divers from around the world.
The town of Soufriere lies on the West coast of St. Lucia. Its history dates back to the 17th century and is home to the world famous twin peaks of The Pitons, which were declared a World Heritage Site on 14th February 2005.

The Amerindians were the first to settle in Soufriere thousands of years ago. Evidence of their settlements can be found in petroglyphs at Stonefield Estate, Belfond and Jalouise. The French named the town after the Sulphur Springs that they found there.

in 1713 a 2,000 acre grant was made to the Devaux family by King Louis XVI, and Soufriere became the first town in Saint Lucia. By then the estate which is known as Soufriere Estate was producing cotton, tobacco, coffee and cocoa. Then sugar became the islands major cash crop and the town of Soufriere prospered. Some of the finest Scuba Diving in The Caribbean is at Soufriere.

Soufriere is one of the most popular locations for visitors to St.Lucia. The iconic twin peaks of the Pitons, a World Heritage site, and the Diamond Falls, The Botanical Gardens together with the many waterfalls found in the region, makes Soufriere a magnet for nature lovers everywhere.

Some of St.Lucia's finest hotels and Restaurants are also located in Soufriere and it is not unusual to spot Hollwood stars walking around town as many have holiday homes in this tropical paradise.
  • Fond Doux Plantation & Resort, in Soufriere, is a 19th century eco-friendly colonial resort nestled in the heart of St. Lucia, best known for romantic, intimate, and private luxury cottages.
  • The Hummingbird, in Soufriere, was established over 30 years ago by the vivacious Joan Alexander Stowe, better known as Joyce, a native of Soufriere who started out as a waitress in a nearby resort
  • Orlando's Restaurant in Soufriere. Orlando's mission is to bring Caribbean cuisine to the world and to bring it the same recognition that French, Asian and Chinese already have globally
  • The Diamond Falls are consistently described as one of the natural wonders of St Lucia. Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, a six acre multi-award winning tourism site in Soufriere...
  • EcoDive St.Lucia, in Soufriere, offers half and full day sight seeing trips along our beautiful coastline Enjoy day & evening trips with sea view of our "mystic isle" St. Lucia

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